Is Everyone Having Sex with Their Boss?

Dear Readers:

It’s hard to believe but I received yet another email from an advice-seeker who is sleeping with the boss.  Not surprisingly, it’s a woman.


Of all the letters I’ve received on this subject, and there have been dozens, I have yet to hear from a man who is sleeping with his boss.  

If any of you men out there are giving your superior a little taste of your bologna pony at lunch or otherwise, please email me.  Please.

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Worried My Boss is Cheating on Her Taxes!

Dear Robin:

I am a law clerk in a small-to-mid-sized law firm and concerned my boss’ actions may have negative repercussions on my career and possible criminal implications. She blatantly cheats on her taxes by running tens of thousands of dollars in personal expenses through the firm. This is an “open secret” and from what I’ve heard has been for years.

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