Pet Peeve: Fake Service Dogs

Dear Readers:

I hosted a blind woman at my home on Sunday for a cocktail party welcoming author Tony Ortega to Portland.  More on that in tomorrow’s blog.

A former Scientologist, Sherrie was a charming addition to the party, as was her service dog Blake.  I told her I had written an essay about fake service dogs once and she was thrilled.  If you think these dog fakers annoy me, try speaking with a bona-fide handicapped person who suffers because some people have separation anxiety from their pets and think they are above the law.

Today’s 100% organic and improved recycled words deserve your attention.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I discuss the party, cults, and terrible people.

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I Want My Ex-Wife to Admit She Cheated

Dear Robin:

I was divorced several months ago and although I was stunned when my wife left me, I made the best of things and made certain we had a drama-free divorce and maintained a good relationship so we could successfully co-parent our two young children, both of whom are happy and thriving now.

Yes, I read your blog, and you gave me a lot of great advice by phone during my divorce. You are the reason I was able to achieve this feat in the midst of my anguish and worry. Thanks for that.

I recently began to suspect my wife was cheating during our marriage (Readers: I told Matt this when he first contacted me about his sudden divorce a year ago but he didn’t believe me. Sometimes I truly do hate being right all the time).

I’ve started to do some investigating such as talking to her friends, looking at travel records, phone and credit card bills, and it seems pretty obvious what was going on.

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