Fishing For Catfish And Trolling Trolls: You Do NOT Want To Miss This

Fishing for Catfish and Trolling Trolls: You Do NOT Want to Miss This

Dear Readers:

Once in a while, your favorite blogger and righter-of-wrongs needs a break from the usual routine and an excursion into another writing genre.

Today is one of those days.  

Today, my friends, I give to you the latest version of “Robin Fucks with Scam Artists.”

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Should I Apply for Jobs "Beneath" Me?

Dear Robin:

I lost my job seven months ago and I’m having trouble finding another one. In the meantime, my wife is getting frustrated that I’m not applying for some jobs because I know I am overqualified.

Should I go after those jobs or keep looking for the “right” one? For context: my last position was head of security for a major corporation and my wife is encouraging me to apply for jobs in loss prevention.

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Friday Feedback: Get Off Your High Horse

Dear Readers:

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly abortion of the unplanned fetus of opinions that form the lining of this blog.

Yeah, I know that was lame.  I’m running out of bodily references so feel free to send me any suggestions.

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