Friday Feedback, Caitlyn Jenner, And What Makes A Hero A Hero (or A Shero A Shero)

Friday Feedback, Caitlyn Jenner, and What Makes a Hero a Hero (or a Shero a Shero)

Dear Readers:

I don’t literally have a dick, but today I’ll stick my figurative one in the hornets’ nest.  Come along with me, won’t you?

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our formerly-weekely, now occasionally-as-circumstances-demand excising of the blog’s milia using the sharp instruments wielded by readers of criticism, scorn, and condemnation.

I was discarding some old blog drafts this morning when I came across this one. Given my “issues” lately, I thought it would be a good time to finish what I began last year.

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Do I Have to Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement at Work?

Dear Robin:

I have worked at the same business for quite a while.  Recently my employer has gotten some very bad press.  

Now everyone in the office is being told to sign a “non-disclosure” agreement promising that we will never speak ill of the business either while we are working here or after we leave.

Do I have to sign this?

Unhappy Employee

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