“Anatomy Of A Disaster” Cast Of Characters

“Anatomy of a Disaster” Cast of Characters

Dear Readers:

Tomorrow begins the first installment of “Anatomy of a Disaster.”  

This series will explore a divorce from beginning to end and beyond (because some divorces never end if shitty lawyers are doing their jobs right!) and the players: some of whom made it as ugly, contentious, and expensive as possible.

Today I will introduce the characters.  Please keep this list handy.

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This Is Not A Game.

This is Not a Game.

Dear Readers:

You are probably scratching your head and possibly your balls and wondering what I am doing here today.  

After all, I promised you a respite from my rants while I finish a big project and head off to the City of Fallen Angels.

And then this happened:

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My Wife is Drunk Driving

Dear Robin:

I’ve been meaning to write for a while but last night finally got me here.  After another big fight with my wife please tell me how I get her to stop drinking and driving.

She goes out occasionally with friends and comes home drunk with the car.  I always tell her to please take a cab but she always drives anyway.

Last night she arrived home wasted and we got into it.  I’m very worried.  She doesn’t drink very often but when she goes out with this group it’s always the same thing.  Last night she accused me of trying to “control her” and “ruin her nights out.”

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