Wife Addicted to the Computer


I’m so excited!  I received a follow-up email yesterday from someone who wrote me almost a year ago.  

I LOVE IT when this happens so if you’ve written to me and want to share whether you took my advice and how things are going, please do.  

Email me at robin@robindescamp.com and I will write a followup if you like or keep it private if that’s your choice.

Here’s the original column:

Dear Robin:

I’ve been married for 31 years, most of them pretty damn good, but things started to go south about 12-15 years ago when my wife started spending time on the computer.

She mostly went online for email when the kids were in school but then at some point it just became a constant thing and she is always on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and eBay and all sorts of other sites where she interacts with everyone except me.

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What the Hell is Happening Here? Also, I Drink Too Much.

Dear Readers:

As I grow my blog and brand, I also must widen my appeal beyond those seeking to chortle at my snarky-yet-spot-on advice. You will begin to notice a change in the content here as I offer more opinion pieces on various topics about which I am passionate, including divorce reform, personal responsibility, self-improvement, and gender equality.

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