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Portland Radio Debut

Dear Readers:

Please click below to hear my Portland radio debut!  

If you have a moment, please leave me a comment and let me know how I did.  I know I say, “you know” too much, but what else stands out as you listen to this clip?  How can I improve my performance?

Thank you for listening!


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  1. Larry Tyree

    This is a real nit – but sometimes when I hear interviews like this – it almost sounds like they took some soundbites from a talk that was done – and added little snippets from them to make it sound like an interview. For some reason – the start of this sounds like that.

    Probably the reason is because time is limited – and likely this wasn’t broadcast live – so it was hacked up by someone after the interview was taped? I am guessing that is what is going on. So – not much you can do about it. It just feels like you went from 0 – 100 MPH without any connection to the interviewing hosts.

    No time for salutations.

    The audio keeps stopping before it ends – so I can’t tell if they put in a good plug for you or not.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Yes, it was recorded earlier and edited. The plug was OK but of course we’d always like to get a stronger one! I am hoping they will have me back soon! Thank you for listening.

  2. Floridian

    Good interview.

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