Friday Feedback – This Time for You!


Dear Readers:

Welcome to Friday Feedback, what is ordinarily a weekly peering into the soul of the blog but which today will gaze outward in love and admiration at the readers while simultaneously begging for help.

First the love:

Thank you for continuing to read my blog.  My website is about to undergo a massive remodel by my new Team Robin (shout out to all y’all – I love you!) and I will finally begin to engage some search engine optimization internet thingies that will help spread the word.  Up until then and since this began, it has all been organically spread by word of mouth.

That explains my 27 page views last month.

I get so many great questions from my readers, and wonderful feedback as well. Sometimes you praise me, sometimes you scold me, but always I welcome the communication because it reminds me why I’m doing what I’m doing and it keeps me going when I wonder how I’m going to keep the lights and the wifi on.

As hopefully all of you are aware, this blog was discovered by an online newspaper company that started in Providence, Rhode Island and upon achieving success there the company started another outlet in Worcester, Massachusetts.  They then decided to take on Portland for two reasons:

1. The Oregonian sucks these days, but more important;

2. Robin DesCamp, Advice Goddess to the Stars and The Rest of Us, lives here and agreed to write for them.

Robin 56 cropped and softer no watermark

(Hey!  That’s me!  Much love to photographer Andrea Doolittle, whose work can be found, admired, slobbered over and purchased here: Andrea Doolittle Photography)

This is where the begging comes in:

I need you to click here: Divorce Lawyer From Hell and do two simple things:

1. SHARE using the sharing buttons.  They are unfortunately hard to find but they should appear at the top and the bottom of the article.

2. COMMENT.  Unfortunately, you can only do this from the non-mobile site.  Most mobile devices will force you onto the mobile site so if you could do this from a laptop or desktop that would be great.  Even if you totally disagree with what I wrote, I encourage you to comment!

More begging:

As always, I implore you to share my work with your friends, family, enemies and pets.  Team Robin is making some serious strides towards a radio show and those strides can only be lengthened by increasing my popularity.

When you share with these people, ask that they share too.  You will be rewarded in ways you can’t begin to imagine, mostly because I haven’t thought of them yet.

I’m going to wrap it up now because I have about 69 emails in my inbox pertaining to the piece I wrote for this morning.  Ding ding, here comes #70.  Each writer has dealt with a Divorce Lawyer from Hell and boy oh boy, do they have things to say about their experiences!

Final begging: I promise!

I am developing a lecture to deliver to family law students that will educate them about the non-legal aspects of divorce that they should be aware of in order to provide the best counsel to their clients.

One of my main complaints about law school, besides the fact that they had a funny grading system that forces you to study for exams (who does that?) is that there is very little focus on the practical versus statutory or case law.

For example, never once did we review a contract in Contracts.


Have you gone through a divorce?  What do you think baby divorce lawyers (also known as Satan’s Spawn) should know besides the legal mumbo-jumbo?

To illustrate: I am going to have a section regarding how to identify when your client is being unreasonable and detrimental to their case because of an emotional issue that requires therapy rather than litigation.  The best example I have is when I had a client who wanted to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees fighting over a 400$ table.

She didn’t particularly like the table, but what she liked even less was her husband’s new 30-year-old girlfriend.  Ouch!

Beelzebub’s Babies need to understand what their clients are going through emotionally before they start taking clients, don’t you think?  So please email me ideas for my class: what you think I can teach them that they won’t find in the law books.

Happy Friday to everyone and Go Ducks!  I’m off to write another column in which I again stick my proverbial dick in the hornet’s nest.  Stay tuned..






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  1. Addie

    I had no clue about your backstory & was surprised (& proud) to hear my “little” state of RI mentioned. Congrats.

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