Burning Bridges and Building Boobies

Dear Readers:

I’ve had a fire lit under me by people up the blog food chain and Chapter 3 (now written) must be edited and finalized by the end of the day.  

Chapter 3 is titled “You’ve Hired Your Attorney, Now Do Your Job: Managing your Attorney Fees.”  In it I’ll show you how the dirty divorce sausage is made and how to avoid becoming grist for the mill.

Do not stop reading!  Please continue below!

Today I’d like to take you back to the beginning of this blog with one of my favorites: The Art of the Bridge Burn PLUS Plastic Surgery: My Friend Says No!

I noticed when reading it this morning it could have been much better, and I like to think I’ve developed over time into a better writer.  I like to think that, but whether it’s true is entirely another matter.

Please read and enjoy and share and leave comments!  Why is nobody commenting?  What the hell is the matter with you people?


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  1. Tamsen

    When I try to click on the link it asks me for a username and password.

    1. Keith Stone

      YA ME TOO!

    2. Su

      Yeah, I’m thinking I shouldn’t need a wordpress account to READ the piece . . . Should I?

      1. Admin

        I’m looking into these problems now. Sorry, readers!

  2. Keith Stone

    I’m reading your blog! I think its great!

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