Two-fer Tuesday!


Readers: today is your lucky day!  Please click, read, comment upon and share A Sour Ending to the Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony.

I’m no sportswriter and I admit it went on too long, but I struggled with editing because each word felt important.  I hope you can each take three hours out of your day to give it a read.

Please enjoy my take on the Heisman Trophy award ceremony.  This story is holding steady at #1 on today, although I suppose given the point of what I wrote I shouldn’t brag too much about that.

See you all tomorrow!



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  1. Dan

    Star quality!

    I don’t currently follow sports, but this was a wonderfully written and thoughtful commentary. Thought provoking, insightful, original. Fabulous despite the fact that we should all mourn the need for such observation.

    Bravo, Robin, bravo.

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