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This is Not a Game.

Dear Readers:

You are probably scratching your head and possibly your balls and wondering what I am doing here today.  

After all, I promised you a respite from my rants while I finish a big project and head off to the City of Fallen Angels.

And then this happened:

I was emailing with someone yesterday about this and such, and she closed her missive on the sexual history of a local celebrity with this:

Also I’ve been wanting to tell you that a woman I know told me that a woman SHE knows told her that (redacted name of divorce attorney) told her to bait her husband into hitting her so that she could use that against him in the divorce.

Interestingly, the woman who told me this had no idea about your book/blog/history with (redacted) or anything–we were just talking about divorce and mediation. Portland! The world’s smallest city.

I realize that’s hearsay, but this isn’t court and that’s not the point.


For years I’ve heard this story, but it was only recently I met someone who lost their kids because of this exact advice from this exact lawyer.

This is not a game.  

This is not a fucking game.

There are people’s lives at stake.  

Their children’s lives.  

Their reputations.  

Their livelihoods.

You Have a Moral Obligation to Come Forward

If an attorney has given you this advice, you must act.  

You simply must.

You know this is wrong.

If you know someone whose attorney gave them this advice, you must act.  

Send them this blog and urge them to set things right.

I’ve seen a lot of sleaze in the divorce business, but this tactic is not just sleazy, it’s disbarment material.  Giving this advice shows not just that one lacks a moral compass, but that they lack a soul.  

A heart.  

A brain.

Any semblance of empathy.

An iota of concern about the welfare of children.

A need to win that is so burning and constant that they cannot see right from wrong.

What happened to this lawyer (and others like her) in childhood?  

Did her father hate her because she was large and awkward and unattractive and not all that bright?  Did she chase after him desperately for years to get the love she so craved but would never receive?

Did her mother ignore her?  

Did her sister reject her?  

I need to understand what happens to a person that leads them to this life.  

I hope when she dies her brain is donated by her happy-as-fuck husband to a medical school so it can be studied.

Until that day comes, I will continue fighting for victims of this monster and all the others like her.

Once again,

You Have a Moral Obligation to Come Forward

If you are reading this and this has happened to you, I urge you to report this to your state bar association.  I can help you do this.

Surely your conscience won’t allow you to let this information remain unknown. Surely you can see this dirty bomb of divorce warfare goes too far.

Please.  I urge you to do the right thing.  Email me at robin@robindescamp.com for advice on what to do.

Please share this on your social media and help me eradicate the legal equivalent of sarin gas from what is already a very painful process.  This is important.  This is happening.

This is not a game.