Found Daughter’s Birth Control: Part II

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Today is a good one so pat yourself on the back for giving me another chance. This is the first time I deliver advice in limerick form so hold onto your potatoes and let’s go!

Last week I received an email from a mom concerned about finding birth control under the mattress of her 15-year-old daughter.  Click on the link to refresh your recollection or catch up on what you may have missed, and to see how the advice sausage is made in my word kitchen: 

Found My Daughter’s Birth Control: Part I

For those of you too lazy or busy to do so, here’s the reader’s first email to me:

I admit to snooping in my 15-year-old daughter’s room last week.  I was worried she might be smoking pot because she seems spacey and out of it lately.  I didn’t find any pot, but I did find birth control pills hidden under her mattress.

She has a boyfriend but they’ve only been dating a few weeks.  I do my best to make sure they are never alone together but obviously they are managing to find enough time to have sex.  I am not handling this well and I want to talk to her but I don’t want to upset her and I do not want her father to find out.  This would break his heart.

I also want to know how she got this.  Isn’t there a law or something that teenagers can’t get prescriptions without their parents’ OK?  I live in California.

Meddling Mom

Dear Meddling Mom:

Today I challenge myself to deliver advice to you in the form of a limerick.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please email me if you’d like your feedback in non-bad-poetry form.

Ode to a Smart Girl

There once was a pretty young lass,

Who was smart, funny, pretty, and had plenty of sass.

She earned good grades in school

But she made the boys drool

And mom worries of a snake in her grass.


Our sweet lass was acting quite foggy

She was spacey, lethargic, and groggy.

“Is it pot?” her mom cried,

In a shriek as horrified

As the GOP when discussing Benghazi.


Mom ran straight to the room of her daughter

Flipped the mattress she’d recently bought her

T’wasn’t weed that she found,

But a pill box that’s round

And she screamed, “I’ll stop this boning come hell or high water!”


Then Mom calmed down and wisely reflected

And came to conclusions that are these days expected:

“I’ll write DesCamp!” she shouted

“Her advice can’t be doubted!

“She’s funny and wise and respected!”


So that’s how we came here today

And to Mom I have these things to say,

“Be grateful, you dummy!

“Do you want to be a grandmummy?

“How long a virgin did you expect her to stay?”


But that’s not advice, and we know it

(As we all know I’m clearly no poet)

Mom is worried her child

Might be running quite wild

as Browning said, “Human nature behooves that i know it.”*


Sorry Mom, but you’ve piss-poor ideals

Of what to boys and to girls is revealed

The boys get the real talk

The girl’s told: avoid cock

That don’t help if she’s head over heels!


And what to do re: the keeping of info

From your husband the pills and what they show?

That your daughter is humping!

Uglies she is bumping!

But that don’t mean your girl is a nympho.


Problem is, you treat her like a baby

While your boys learn of sexual safety

That’s a dumbass approach

Is your brain made of brioche?

I don’t mean to be mean, but it may be.


Still, I worry your husband (old-fashioned)

Will react by attempting to ration

These no-baby pills

(contraception; no kills!)

And soon abortion, motherhood, or adoption you’ll be hashin’


So talk to your daughter, Meddling Mom.

Share you found pills and when you do, remain calm

Tell your fine girl that you love her

Not despite what you discovered,

But even more! Apply parental love balm.


Then say you’re sorry for not being open

And for failing so badly at copin’

With her fledgling sex life

Tell her you wish her no strife

And advise that while BC pills are a must, so are Trojans.


See, your child needs to know more than just how

To not grow pregnant and thus look like a sow

Teach her now of protection

From a nasty infection

That can come when uncovered’s the plow.


I must go now, I’ve probably been hit

With more bar complaints since I’ve written this shit

So those I’ll turn to, but first

This advice I’ll disperse:

Support and love you must commit to transmit.



*Browning, “The Glove,” not coincidentally

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  1. TLM

    Yes. Mom needs to acknowledge her daughter is smart enough to use BC rather than risk getting pregnant. Mom also needs to realize that 15-16 is frankly a perfectly normal age for girls to start having sex. She also needs to be told that usually girls that age will go to Planned Parenthood for BC pills if they are too afraid to discuss it with their parents, and no, parental permission is NOT, I repeat NOT, required (nor should it be for Christ’s sake).

    Now, I have a daughter who was 15-16 within relatively recent memory. She started on birth control when she had her first boyfriend (and yes, she asked me). But guess what, she didn’t have sex right away. She wanted to make sure she was ready just in case. So if Mom thinks this boyfriend is too new for them to be getting it on, she may be right. Maybe her daughter is smart enough to know that she wants to be prepared if and when the time comes. (So to speak.)

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