Robin Updates, Stockholm Syndrome, and More Fun with the Oregon State Bar!

Dear Readers:

Can you hear my heavy sighs from wherever you are?  They are both multiple and powerful this morning.

I’ve created some fun acronyms for you today.  Please feel free to use them as you go about your daily lives.

Robin Updates!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am off to Los Angeles next week for several meetings with very important movers and shakers in the entertainment industry.  It took two years and 4 months of banging on this keyboard (no wonder it’s so sticky!) and next week comes the biggest test of my life.

I’m ready.  

In fact, I’m more than ready.  I’m already there, it’s just the rest of the world hasn’t caught up with me yet.  

In the 46 years I’ve been alive, I have never been so confident, self-assured, and utterly convinced I am on the right path to success at a level I used to dream of, but now know is coming.

There is no more “dreaming.”  There is only “doing.”

So that’s the good news.  The little bit of bad news that goes along with the LA trip is twofold:

  1. I won’t be writing a lot of fresh content from the road for that week, but I will do my best to post some juicy reruns; and
  2. Yesterday’s meeting ended with my promise to complete a very large writing task by the end of this weekend to forward to the LABS (Los Angeles Big Shots).  Therefore, our blog will suffer for the remainder of this week in addition to the next.  Please do not fall in love with (or hate-follow) another blogger in my brief absence.

Stockholm Syndrome

Yesterday I promised that today’s blog would be about Stockholm Syndrome.  

Sorry, that isn’t happening.  

See point #2 above.  In addition, the circumstances surrounding that particular situation are getting weirder and weirder.  Given the constant developments in this matter, I am waiting to write it until it feels more settled.

You’ll understand why I took this approach when it’s finally written, trust me.

More Fun with the Oregon State Bar!

Speaking of Stockholm Syndrome…

Portland has its own ISIL:

The Incredible Shrinking Incompetent Law-firm (I hyphenated to make the joke work – don’t judge me).

Portland ISIL is comprised of a rapidly-dwindling set of bumbling emotional and financial terrorists who have no concern for anything beyond churning files and extracting money from vulnerable people.

Portland ISIL seems to have convinced one of their (few) clients to file a bogus bar complaint against opposing counsel for being “disrespectful.”  


The irony of this firm and one of their clients complaining about tone or showing the proper level of respect in a divorce litigation is so fucking thick that I’m wiping it off my office walls with the strongest degreaser one can find on the market.

What does that have to do with me?  

Well, I’ll tell you!

The client, in a case of mental gymnastics so impressive that I expect to see her on the US Olympic Team in August 2016, named your favorite advice blogger in the complaint.  

She made allegations against me that are not only completely false, one could argue (but would lose spectacularly) they are tantamount to ethical violations and possible tort claims.

(I’m not naming the tort claims because her lawyer is too stupid and lazy to identify them.  I want to make that idiot either do the work or hire her tall and handsome lawyer to do it for her.  Hey, Steve!  Hope to see you in Hawaii at the ACTL meeting!)


Why did she name me and make those allegations?  That’s a very good question, kiddos!

It’s especially interesting because:

  • She recently pleaded with her ex to get me to stop writing about their case.  
  • She claimed I was hurting her reputation and ability to get a job.  
  • She claimed I was exposing her “secret,” which is no secret at all (and shouldn’t be, by the way).  
  • She claimed I was hurting their children.

The only problem is:

I’ve never written about this case.  Never.

If you google this woman’s name, the very first result you get is her “secret,” which she openly spoke about with the mother-fucking NEW YORK TIMES.

If you google this woman’s name and mine there are no results.

If you google her name and “divorce,” there are no results relating to me or anything I’ve written.

In fact, in all the cases I’ve written about, I don’t recall ever naming the parties.  

That’s not my thing.  

This isn’t the National Enquirer and the goal of most divorce posts here is to bring about knowledge and change in a dirty industry in which litigants are encouraged to fight so fat, short-fingered lawyers can get richer as they happily tear apart families.

I mentioned the name of this case only once in passing and nothing about it except my opinion on her lawyer’s conduct as it relates to her current status of being on double-secret probation with the Oregon State Bar via her SOW (“Slap on Wrist,” a.k.a. “Diversion Agreement”).

Of course, now I need to respond to the bar complaint, because it is a matter of public record and I simply will not stand for having my name sullied by victims of Stockholm Syndrome who are likely being pressured or bullied by their lawyer into writing false accusations against me.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner, and nobody sullies my reputation except me.  I’m super good at it and I don’t need someone else stealing my thunder.

AT THE VERY LEAST, the lawyer clearly knew this bar complaint was going to be filed.  The lawyer should have counseled her client that filing this frivolous piece of garbage stood in stark contrast to her client’s best interests.  

Her client may have shot herself in the head, but the lawyer handed her the loaded gun and said, “Go for it!”

Incompetence?  I think so.  Malpractice?  Hmmm…

In my opinion,* esteemed and well-regarded such as it is, this lawyer has continued to violate the terms of her SOW by what I euphemistically call “creative billing practices.”

But I’m not writing about that today.  

I’m saving that.  

I’m working on an in-depth series on this lawyer, her firm, her SOW, and the Oregon State Bar that will put the Spotlight team to shame.**  And it’s likely it won’t just be published here on my fabulous little blog. 

Unfortunately, I will have to respond to this bar complaint that names me, and not only will my response be on the record but of course you know I will be posting it here.

That’s what I do, you see.  

I write.



*I am allowed to write these words, sweetheart, just as I am allowed to attend and write about your court appearances.  I do hope we won’t have to go through that dance again when I pop in on your future inept sputtering sessions in front of a judge. 

Your attempt to have me excluded because you may call me as a witness in a case I had nothing to do with was the single most embarrassing moment I’ve ever witnessed in a courtroom.  Seriously – if the Oregon State Bar could disbar members for being pathetic, making false statements, and appearing weak, you’d have to find a new way to make a living.  I suggest something physical – maybe ditch digging!

**Probably not but I love hyperbole.

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  1. Same firm, different victim

    Dear Advice Goddess:

    1. The lawyer not only screwed over her client by not stopping her from filing the complaint, she probably encouraged her to file it because of her own anger towards the other lawyer and you. Isn’t that a clear conflict of interest??

    2. I am very curious to see the complaint: will you be posting it here? Are you willing to post it now, before you respond?

    3. I’ve never heard of a “diversion agreement.” Can you please provide more information on that?

    4. You are awesome. Thank you for being a voice for us, and always making me laugh.

  2. Robin DesCamp

    Thank you for your comment and questions!

    1. That’s a good point. If one assumes the lawyer encouraged her client to file this, OR one assumes that while the lawyer may be profoundly stupid she has not (yet)) been lobotomized, her lack of admonition to her client on this matter could leave some with the impression she took that approach for her own personal reasons.

    I may not be an active member of the bar, but I think I know a conflict when I see one. This is especially true because she knows her client is deeply concerned about this case garnering publicity.

    My opinion is she had an ethical duty to insist her client not file this complaint because it is utterly without merit AND publicly states all the issues her client wants to remain private, while simultaneously practically begging me to write about this matter by making false claims against me, her ex, and her ex’s lawyer.

    But especially me, because everything is all about me, you know.

    It was a dumbfuck move of epic proportions.

    If unhappy people could get lawyers in trouble for being unkind or insensitive at times, not only would that lawyer’s entire firm be on double-secret probation along with her, but my own musings would have landed me in hot water long ago. And we all know how that last bar complaint against me panned out, don’t we?

    2. I will not be posting the complaint anytime in the near future. I will post it when I file my response with the bar sometime next month. Sorry but as you read today I am overloaded with work and travel.

    I’ve also decided to redact the names involved when I post my response here because honestly and truly: I have deep sympathy for this woman. Very deep. She has no idea what is really going on and I do not want to hurt her. In fact, I want nothing but good things for her.

    But I do have to respond – that’s just as clear as day – and that bar response will of course include all the names and facts at hand. Anyone can access that if they should so choose but I’m not going to name names here unless things get even more weird.

    3. A “Diversion Agreement” is a contract entered into between a naughty lawyer and the bar in which the naughty lawyer promises not to do naughty things for a specified period of time (in this case, a mere 18 months) in lieu of a formal finding of naughty behavior and resulting discipline which goes on the naughty lawyer’s permanent record and is publicized by the bar online and in their lousy monthly publication.

    If the naughty lawyer is able to walk the straight and narrow path until the conclusion of the specified time, she is deemed to have completed diversion successfully and there is no formal record of it on the bar website as “discipline.”

    Even though, of course, it was discipline. Sigh.

    Yeah, I had never heard of one either. A Diversion Agreement is utter bullshit and yet another way the bar protects their own at the expense of clients (also known as “victims” in this firm’s case) and future clients seeking information prior to hiring an attorney.

    4. Thank you (takes bow).

  3. Edwin LaGrange

    I know you like to poke fun and sarcasm is an awesome part of your writing!! One reason we love you! But on a serious note, I’m one of the people who has fallen victim to this firm and this particular attorney. Not only did they steal thousands of dollars from my family, wiping out my kids college fund, but they also caused irreparable damage to my family and the relationship I have with one of my children. Like American Express says, that’s priceless. No amount of punishment or compensation could ever give that back to me and my family. Lesbians pain and suffering over a cake have nothing on what we’ve been through due to this woman and her firm. She’s a criminal of the worst kind…the kind that is exempt from laws and rules. The kind that is encouraged and protected by our state bureaucrats and judges. The kind that has enough money (mostly stolen from people like me) to buy her way out of anything. I hope she goes down in a great big ball of shit covered with flames so she and her firm can’t hurt anyone else. Keep it up, Robin!!

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Edwin, I am so sorry for your experience in your case. I know it won’t make you feel better to know you are but one of many victims, but I hope you can take some solace in the fact that this factory of ineptitude and misery is slowly being ground down to an inconsequential “has been” and a footnote in the Portland market and leaves a legacy of broke and broken-hearted clients.

      The decline has been rapid and breathtaking and is only made possible by victims such as yourself coming forward with their stories. I will continue to write those stories as this firm continues its inevitable slide into the hell of anonymity where it belongs.

      I received five emails just this morning from former clients and employees. Five. And while I do not receive five per day, the accumulation of correspondence in my SKH file is proving to be worthy of an entirely separate book. No joke – there are that many horror stories out there.

      Please continue to read and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you repair your relationship with your child. After all, I do give free advice that’s worth every penny! When I’m not exposing cockroaches to the murderous daylight of truth, that is.

  4. Sam Smith, not my real name

    I’ve been practicing law for over 25 years and like you, I’ve been following some of the more critical ethical lapses at this firm and the other major one in Portland. I choose to do that quietly, as you know, but I consider myself your strongest ally in your continuing efforts to bring eyes to this story.

    As you also know, I have provided you with some very good information on this lawyer and her boss. I am looking forward with great excitement to see your final work on the Diversion Agreement.

    I leave this comment because I have read the bar complaint and I cannot fathom a situation in which this lawyer did not know about and review the complaint prior to its filing. Given that it was without merit and given that it was filed the day before a post-trial hearing in the case, the fact the lawyer did not put a stop to it constitutes, at least in my estimation, both gross malpractice and improper conduct under ORPC rules concerning conflict of interest. I am emailing you a memo on the particular rules and how they apply to this case later today.

    1. Robin DesCamp


      Thank you so much for your comment and all the things you have shared with me. Regarding the issue of “conflict of interest,” I’ll say this:

      I believe based upon some evidence I’ve seen that this lawyer not only encouraged this bar complaint but also used her own client in an attempt to bait me into certain actions I’ll describe later. Because I have both a moral compass and more than 14 brain cells to rub together, unlike her, I did not take that bait.

      Do you think it’s appropriate for a lawyer to utilize her own client in her quest to silence her loudest critic? I don’t. I think that’s damned improper, unethical, and yet another leg in what is now a centipede of malpractice allegations should the Stockholm-Syndrome-suffering client ever wake up and see just how badly she was treated.

      You know you have Stockholm Syndrome when you become enraged that someone told you your attorney is on a SOW/Diversion Agreement for unethical billing. That’s akin to being furious at your friend when she tells you your husband is cheating because she’s worried about you.

      Ostriches are adorable, but we should not seek to emulate them.

  5. LOL

    OK, I’ll play!

    Robin would you like to hear about the time this firm had me followed and investigated by their own personal sleazy private dick?

    This guy a a real gem – he was the piece of shit who carried the water between Goldschmidt and his abuse victim for years. Not only that, I was told by someone who used to work there that he licks Jody’s ass in front of other people so much that it’s cringe-inducing.

    I was also told she uses him on a regular basis in pretty straightforward cases. She has the other spouse followed and tries to dig up dirt on them to use as leverage. That’s disgusting.

    Thank God you came along and got pissed. Don’t stop until the fat lady sings, “I retire!”

    1. Robin DesCamp


      I have been told by others they either were encouraged to use this DICK dick or that they later found out they were investigated by the DICK dick. That’s a very sleazy way to go about handling a divorce in most situations.

      I am keenly aware of this man’s connection to the Goldschmidt abuse case, but in case my readers are not, take a look at this link for information:

      I too was informed that the private investigator had looked into me. I do not know if that is true but if so, I’m sure he was sorely disappointed to discover that I long ago scooped up all the skeletons in my closet and placed them conveniently online.

  6. Can you help me?

    I am not exaggerating when I say this firm ruined my life. I can’t believe I’ve never seen your blog but it was forwarded to me today by three separate people. I am emailing you to tell you my story.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      I am so sorry for what happened to you. Thank you for sharing your story, or what I like to call, “Chapter 5.”

  7. Born in P-Twon

    I work in a Portland (redacted) and many of us we were gathered around reading this yesterday and laughing that karma, so long in coming, was finally here. Two (redacted) in our office have big beefs with SKH and one of those guys was a client of theirs who, after reading some things you wrote on how to check for bad billing, went through his old divorce file.

    He was not happy! Too bad his case was years ago.

    We want to have a cocktail party in your honor. Go kick ass in the City of Angels and when your book is published we will have the book signing fiesta!

    By the way, whatever happened to their cook? Did you know the day that whole thing unfolded there were people all over Portland popping popcorn and refreshing their screens every 30 seconds to see just how well you would insult and embarrass that little punk? You need to put that exchange on your blog!

    1. Robin DesCamp

      God damn it, I am supposed to be working on something else. You people leave me alone!

      OK, I will respond to your comment. As that whole thing unfolded, I was getting FB messages and emails and calls from dozens of people. I was told that in two very large and prominent law firms, a party of sorts began to unfold.

      When you repeatedly hurt people in a small community like Portland, those people will come together to celebrate your humiliation.

      Now, everyone knew that the cook was being directed by the boss. You could tell because the attempts to insult me were nonsensical. I’ve been privy to reviewing certain lawyers’ writing and I can tell you this: the lawyers at that firm are staggering in their lack of writing and reasoning skills.

      When you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, when you struggle with possessive apostrophes, and when you think it’s a good idea to have your cook publicize your provably-false allegations on Facebook, you know you are a mental midget, albeit and very tall and wide one.

      Do you remember when the cook alleged I applied for a job at Portland ISIL and was rejected, I offered him $25,000 to prove it? You can call me names and you can certainly use some unfortunate truths about me to make your point, but stating I applied for a job at Portland ISIL and was rejected (because honey, they ain’t rejecting anyone anymore) is slanderous. I would rather be accused of being a molester of collies than a reject of Portland ISIL.

      Remember also that the boss had the cook write that I was fired from my one and only job as a divorce lawyer for betraying client secrets. That was especially interesting to me, because that is just outright obvious slander. I took the time to email my former boss to get the confirmation from him that I quit that job and in true Robin fashion, did it over email. I was so disgusted by what they were telling me to do with my bills and the behavior I saw many lawyers engaging in that was harmful to their clients that I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

      (More on that guy coming up soon and you will be shocked)

      Also: the pay was shit. That firm and Portland ISIL pay their associate attorneys less than most firms pay legal assistants. So think about that next time you are getting billed for $250/hour by an associate who is making far less than $60,000/year. 240 hours of work, or roughly two months, makes that associate’s salary. The rest is gravy for the fat cats.

      I also offered $25,000 if Portland ISIL and the cook could prove that allegation. Crickets.

      I may or may not post that exchange again. As I believe I wrote towards the end, I pity that cook. I’ve mentioned Stockholm Syndrome a few times and I can tell you this: there are many victims of that condition who are either clients, former clients, or employees of Portland ISIL.

      Most wake up. Many do not. But those that do usually come to me to tell their story. That’s why I’m strongly considering an entire book on this one firm. They are emblematic of a diseased profession and my work will expose not only them but the rotting system itself.

      I am way behind on this project so all y’all talk amongst yourselves and have a great day.

    2. Edwin LaGrange

      It doesn’t matter how long ago the case was, a complaint can still be filed. I hope he decides to do so. Check Robin’s recent Facebook posts to see exactly what you’re looking for.

  8. Barb Holloran

    I’m loving this blog and hope to read your response to that farcical bar complaint soon. I’m dismayed and exhausted by Hook’s client’s (and Hook herself) delusions, and look forward to a book or more blog posts. Now go get ready for LA!

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