Throwback Thursday and Some Homework for Readers!

Dear Readers:

I am currently up to my stinky armpits rewriting the new Oregon Alimony Reform bill for this year’s legislative session so I thought I’d give you all a little reminder of the very beginning of this blog.  Remember this one?

Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

That was during the Anthony Wiener scandal, which explains the second letter in that post.  

As we continue to hone this new site I would be very grateful to hear from those of you who have signed up to receive the blog by email, either on the old site or the new one.  

Please respond in the comments below and let me know whether you are receiving my work.  If you are not, and if you have checked your spam filter and it’s not in there, I really need to know.  Everyone on the team is working really hard but this type of feedback is crucial to identifying and solving problems so please take a moment and let me know what’s happening.

Happy Thursday, everyone!  The weekend is almost here which of course means tomorrow is Friday Feedback.  I’ve got a real live angry reader on my hands so be sure to tune in and watch the games.


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  1. Unca Ed

    I’m getting them – great stuff. I’ll be following the reform bill discussion carefully – too late for my son, but perhaps it will help his son, when the time comes…

  2. therese decamp

    when i hit the link for “breaking up is hard to do” it takes me to a wordpress sign in page…
    and i am getting the email notification, but i think i got three of them!

  3. Dan

    Yep, getting emails sent with links to the new site. I signed up through the old site, so it looks like at least that set of tech headaches are smoothing over.

    Love the new spread btw!

  4. Queen Bee

    I am not getting it…

  5. Melinda Warner

    getting them this way but not by email as I thought I would be signing up?

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