Givers, Takers, and Robin’s Struggle with a Decision Tree

Dear Readers:

Today finds your Advice Goddess perplexeled (new word; please begin using immediately) over the creation of a decision tree.  

Why am I creating a decision tree?  

Because a reader sent me a question concerning loyalty and I thought it would be helpful to create a tool that would aid him in determining when he is being asked by his wife simply to be “loyal” or when his acquiescence to her wishes lands him squarely in the “Simpering Pussy Manchild” category.

More specifically, this man’s wife, under the false guise of “loyalty,” is demanding her husband stop spending time with his buddy because he divorced her best friend.

Unfortunately, the creation of the Loyal v. Pussy decision tree is more complicated than I imagined and thus the blog cannot be finished by my deadline of 10:58 a.m. each day.  Sorry about that, but fear not; I have a backup plan!

Today, let’s revisit an old blog on a subject that lands in my email inbox at least twice per week:

Lopsided Friendships.

If you are anything like me, and I certainly hope for your own sake that you are, you are a Giver who has encountered the quintessential Taker from time to time.  

The Givers give and give and give some more, often to the point of self-harm.  

The most unhappy type of Givers are the Givers/BastardizedGoldenRulers, in other words me.

These silly people love giving and do a lot of it but they also hold corresponding expectations that others will do unto the Giver as the Giver has done unto them, or stated more simply: have them over for dinner once in a god-damned while.

The Takers in this world love receiving and loathe giving, at least to you.  Try not to take it personally.

What I mean by that is some people are both Takers and Givers depending upon with whom they are dealing.  Let’s face it, the art of prioritizing people and things that need doing is inherent human nature and probably keeps our species alive.  

So please click here, enjoy today’s rerun, and afterward ask yourself: what shit am I carrying around my life and is it time for a major flush?