Delay Of Game Announcement

Delay of Game Announcement

Dear Readers:

I have been absent for well over a month.  I know I recently promised an update on February 7, but agreements are still being reviewed and as such, I am unable to let you all know what’s happening right now.  Be patient!

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To “Confront” or to “Converse” – That is the Question!

Dear Robin:

I have worked with “Blaire” for nearly six months since she arrived at my company where I’ve worked since 2005.  In that short time she has done several sneaky things to undermine me with my boss and co-workers.

Her efforts tend to be clumsy and fail but she has yet to be fired and I’m worried one of these days she may succeed in making me look bad.  Clearly she is angling for my job but she’s much younger and does not have the requisite experience.

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