URGENT. I’m Not Kidding. This is Not a Drill. CALL TO ARMS!

Dear Readers:

There comes a time in every fervent activist’s life when they are ordered to bow down before the beast.  

To capitulate.  

To give up.  

To shut up.

To recant.

To go away.  Just please, go away.

Those powers that be, larger (both figuratively and literally) and with more resources than the activist, flex their imaginary muscles through intimidation, fear, and good old-fashioned killing of the messenger.  

There is something so captivating and naive about someone thinking they can squash the truth by silencing its delivery system.  That’s like believing you can halt a tsunami at the shore with mere bags of sand.  

As I sat first in anger and then wonder yesterday I was overcome with a pang of sadness for the Old Guard.

“My goodness,” I  thought.

“So it has come to this: the desperate and anxious flailing of a Has-Been (but really Never Was, if you value what is truly valuable).  A woman who made her fortune using words and threats to destroy people is so frightened of me that she seeks to silence my voice.”

What is the face of a coward?  The back of his head as he runs from a battle.

-Frank Underwood

How Did We Get Here?

I have worked on alimony and divorce reform for 7 years now.  I have been unflinching in my criticism of the system and the key players within it:

  • the bitter spouses who refuse to let go
  • the “family laws” that are arbitrary and unfair
  • the entitlement-minded people who refuse to support themselves, or even just try
  • the judges who issue random and inconsistent opinions and seem not to care what is at stake
  • the divorce lawyers who make everything worse.

Yes, I have been a critic of divorce lawyers.  Perhaps you don’t know that about me.  Ha ha.

I know many fine people who practice in this area but my experience has been overwhelmingly colored by the DICKS (Divorce Industrial Complex Kingpins): the majority who foster anger and litigation at the expense of their clients, their client’s children, and their client’s family financial health.

My observations on divorce lawyers in general and one in particular have been published both on this website and on my Facebook page, which up until yesterday afternoon you could find with a simple search.  

I have always used my own name.  I have never violated the Facebook Terms of Use.  I have always made it clear what I write is either satire, opinion, or demonstrably true, also known as proclaimed truth.  

Some people do not know the difference.

So Robin, What’s the Difference Between Satire, Opinion and Proclaimed Truth?

Satire could look like the following:

The most notorious divorce lawyer I know has a funny fetish: she is really into lesbian lactation porn.  Why is that funny?  Well I’m glad you asked!

Because she loves milking her clients for every penny, so it’s not surprising that passion extends to her sexual kinks!

Ha!  Ha ha!  Ha!  Isn’t that satirical?  Oh, I just slay myself sometimes.

Opinion could look like this:

It is my opinion that this lawyer enjoys milking her clients so much it wouldn’t surprise me if she was sexually aroused when seeing milk spout from a mother’s breast.

Demonstrably true, on the other hand, would be this (if it were indeed true, but is not):

I have seen lactation porn magazines in the shaking, liver-spotted hands of my favorite divorce lawyer and the lusty ooze of drool running down the side of her quivering, crusty lower lip.  

She was so entranced and aroused by the Lezbyterian Milk Show that she did the unthinkable: she put down her greasy pork sandwich for a full 30 seconds as she sought the pleasure she had never known; that he could never give her.

Again, I would only write that if I had witnessed it AND I could prove it.  

I did not.

Thank Goddess for small favors, or that image would be burned into my consciousness forever and render me sexually impotent for at least my next three lifetimes.

Let’s Turn This Thing Around, Shall We?

But enough of these fun games.  Let’s get back to my disabled Facebook page.

As I noted in a post last night (The Streisand Effect is Coming Down Tomorrow,) attempts to censor often backfire, especially in this day of the Internet.  

It’s called The Streisand Effect and I see it as perfect karma: the mouth you slap your hand over can come back to bite you.  Hard.

If you believe in divorce reform, satire, freedom of speech (even though this isn’t a 1st Amendment case because there is no government action against me but let’s face it, 99.3% of Americans don’t understand the distinction), and just plain old ME, please share this page everywhere you can via the sharing buttons at the bottom of this blog.

Yesterday’s “Robinism” comes to mind again: 

You cannot prevent the sun’s rising by killing the cock.

It’s also important to note that last night’s post about my Facebook situation brought people out of the woodwork to share all sorts of stories with me.  Previously holding back and lurking, they suddenly felt compelled to tell me things certain folks would rather I not know.  

So as you can see, the Streisand Effect is already well in action.  Nice job, DICKs.  My page views also took a huge leap last night and this morning.  Let’s keep these unintended consequences going!

Share, Share, Share This Post.

Share it on the dreaded Facebook.  

Share it on Linkedin.  

Share it on GooglePlus.  

Share it on Twitter.  

Hell, you can even find yourself a discussion page on a lesbian lactation porn site and share it there.  

You may even run into some people I know.*

Here’s the thing:

I know some people disagree with my perspective on divorce reform.  I know many folks, especially the DICKs, would like to keep things just as they are.  

After all, the current system is boundlessly lucrative for those who practice family law as if it were an extreme sport demanding a clear winner and a clear loser.

I don’t think that’s true.  I believe in divorce there are no winners and no losers, but only survivors.  

If you are lucky and you do it right, you can thrive and survive with your family, finances and mental health intact.  In other words, if you buy my book How to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Kids, Your Money and Your Mind: a Holistic and Practical Guide to Marital Dissolution and Family Reorganization and follow it to the letter.

Regardless, I would never seek to silence the opinion of those who oppose mine.  That’s cowardly and shows a lack of faith in one’s position.  

You know what else it shows?  

People are listening.

If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.

(Whitney v. California, 1927) 
― Louis D. Brandeis



*This is satire.  Probably.  Who knows?

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  1. Mark


  2. Keith

    Shared… hell I share everything you write. I better get an autographed copy of that book (free please because I pay alimony to the egg donor).

  3. Admin

    Thanks Keith and Mark, and everyone else please feel free to leave a comment! I just checked my page views and guess what? It’s still early in the day but they are the second highest ever.


    Nice job, DICKS. I’ll use my time off from Facebook to finish that book you are so terrified of, quivering in your tacky Class C office space like sheep facing the wolf.

  4. Former Client/victim


    I would like to thank you. You gave me the courage to speak up for myself and not let my lawyer bully me into continuing a lengthy battle with my ex, you gave me the strength to see what was best for my family, and you gave me the confidence to kick-start my career and my love life.

    Best of all, you always made me laugh. I have to admit though, as a former client/victim, I read today’s post and laughed so hard that I lost control of my bladder. You made me wet myself, damn you!

    I will share your work as I do every day. Facebook will either come around or not, but you don’t need it anymore.

  5. Larraine

    Hey Robin, glad to see you are making such an impact, what bloody cowards some people can be.
    I’m over in the UK and can access your FB page so am hoping you are back up and running across the pond?
    Keep at em Lady!

    1. Admin

      No, my personal page is still down and I cannot access my business page. Unbelievable the lengths frightened people will go to when seeking to retain their tenuous grip on power. The best part is: my blog has exceeded all records today. This is being shared everywhere and I have received dozens of emails in support AND giving me juicy information on the person who did this to me. The Streisand Effect is with me.

  6. Tamsen

    How in heck does someone have the right or power to have another person’s FB page taken down? If there are no threats of physical harm, no breaches of the T&C’s of FB, and nothing illegal being perpetrated (all of which I can say were not problems in your FB posts) then how does that happen? I think you’re right, in the end, it was a mistake on the part of that unattractive, unethical monster, but geez, once you get this cleared up, I would like an explanation as to how someone has the right to have a FB page taken down.

  7. Andrea

    Shared! To use one of my favorite “Robinism’s”, to silence you in this manner is complete “FUCKERY”! Bastards.

  8. NW Mama

    Someone’s husband views porn at the office. ‘Nuff said.

  9. SavageWotan

    As a lawyer and a fellow traveler in family law reform with the author of this humble (HA!) blog, I am astonished at the fragility of the ego and the profound strategic stupidity of the law firm that tried to shutdown Robin’s Facebook page. The deal that you have to accept being a lawyer is that at least half of your clients will hate you because they lost, most of the other half will be disappointed because either they did not get enough or they feel that they were charged too much. It’s a shitty deal, but its the only one that’s out there. So to actually attempt retribution against someone who is attacking you and your firm is just plain stupid. I can think of no other act that could more strongly suggest that they comments are actually legitimate (which we know they are because of the source).
    Secondly, with regard to looking at porn (no matter how vile) at the office during business hours actually picking up a porno mag is exceptionally poor form. It is also stupid. Technology has given us the ultimate plain brown wrapper in the form of the iPad, Kindle and other handheld devices. No one knows if you are reading Shakespeare or watching the Paris Hilton sex tape for the one millionth time. If you are so far gone that you cannot control yourself, just use your handheld (ummm)…
    I ain’t often right, but I’ve never been wrong–The Grateful Dead

  10. Time Traveler

    This reminds me of a firm I used to work for. The owner ran all household expenses through the firm and paid her grown children as “employees” even though they didn’t work there. What do you know about tax law, Robin?

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