Monday is a Fun Day!


Dear Readers:

I spent much of Friday afternoon and yesterday writing and editing an opinion piece for discussing the current controversy surrounding Oregon’s governor and his Special Lady Friend.  Yes, I do more than just advice.  Aren’t I wonderful?

Specifically, I take issue with the lack of accountability by Ms. Hayes and the governor’s confusion of the concepts of “sexism” versus “reasonable questioning of the behavior of a public official/juicebox.”

Please take a look and share on your social media so I can become rich and famous riding roughshod on the back of a scandal as is the norm these days. Cylvia Hayes, Feminism and the Victim Mentality.

If you are using a laptop or desktop, please comment.  I’m in the top 5 for stories today and would love to make it to #1!

I’ll be back tomorrow with advice and news about my next radio appearance, so please stay tuned and have a wonderful day.  It’s finally raining in Portland after weeks of 70+ degrees so expect my writing to take a dark and ominous turn soon.




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  1. KathyB

    Thank you, thank you, Robin. Your comments are (again) right on the mark. Kits knows better and should just keep quiet.

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