RMEE_4545obin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon,  graduating from the University of Oregon with a BA in Political Science.  Following a short waitressing stint and encouraged by her finely-dressed patrons nowhere near as clever as she, she enrolled in law school at Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark, later graduating and passing the Oregon State bar exam.

Robin practiced law for 16 years before leaving the legal profession to pursue her dream of writing, speaking and entertaining. She has been a popular guest blogger and top-rated advice columnist in several publications, as well as a return guest on radio shows around the country.

A post-modern feminist observer and commentator, Robin’s discussion of and advice on relationship issues is based in large part upon a belief in true equality between men and women, including equal expectations, responsibilities, and accountability.

Robin loves spending time with her teenage son, her friends, her dogs, and her family.  Whether or not they love spending time with her is debatable, although they do admit to a love of her gourmet cooking.  She is an avid but terrible golfer, an unrepentant shoe addict, and a closeted fan of reality television.



Robin has led a colorful and sometimes painful life and has a myriad of experiences from which to draw.  She asks questions, she listens, and she shares her own difficult and often hilarious stories to connect with her audience and draw comparisons that are educational, entertaining, relevant, helpful and on-point.  This personal approach makes her unique and gives Robin the ability to deliver the unflinching and direct advice that her followers have come to love and expect.

Robin gives advice on a wide variety of contemporary and evergreen topics. She is real and relatable: an excellent listener who won’t sugarcoat the truth. You will be engaged, entertained, and armed with great advice. Robin specializes in the complexities of divorce and all that goes with it: nasty litigation, custody issues, child support, alimony, and the host of post-dissolution problems that arise when families are rearranged.

Her perspective has been molded by her experiences as a child of multiple divorces, a divorce lawyer, and a divorced mother with a successful and amicable relationship with her ex-husband.  

Contact Robin if you would like an advice topic answered, or would like to feature her as a guest. 


Robin DesCamp has been at the forefront of the family court reform movement in Oregon since 2008. A founder of Oregon Alimony Reform, she has spent countless hours fighting for equality between men an women in the divorce process and to modernize alimony laws. Read more on OAR. 


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