Time for a Parody Song!

Dear Readers:

As I pondered what to cover in the blog today, I remembered that as a good steward of the Earth, I am compelled to recycle as often as possible, and my duties extend not only to papers and plastic, but also to words. While this renewed look at the Beatles “Let it Be” was never featured on this blog, I did post it on Facebook some months ago. So sue me.

In addition to my deep and abiding commitment to the environment, I am also recycling this material because I am deep into a chapter of the new book which describes how I came to move three times in 18 months. Let’s just say someone really put the “ex” in “next door neighbor.” It’s great to laugh about all of it now, because it sure was not funny when it all happened.

OK, kids, first you have to click on the link below so you can get the music playing, which will allow you to sing along. Enjoy!

Let it Be/Let’s Impeach (karaoke)

Let’s Impeach 

When I witness those in a Fox News bubble

Blind to Trump’s hypocrisies

I speak these words of wisdom

“Let’s impeach.”


For in these hours of darkness

They are chanting strange philosophies 

So I speak these words of wisdom

“Let’s impeach.”


Let’s impeach, let’s impeach

Before he strokes out at a speech

This is the only answer

Let’s impeach.


And when the poorest Trump fans wonder:

“when will these tax cuts come to me?”

I cry “The 12th of Never,

“let’s impeach.”


By Trump they’ve been discarded, so there is a chance

That they might see!

Maybe when they lose their health care,

They’ll impeach.


Let’s impeach, let’s impeach

We’ve never seen such overreach

But the Emperor has no pants, sir

Let’s impeach.


Let’s impeach, let’s impeach

Before we lose freedom of speech.

Hear these words of wisdom,

“Let’s impeach.”


Let’s impeach, let’s impeach

Our little children we must teach:

When there’s a maniac in power

We impeach.


And when the skies grow cloudy

From the “clean coal” and the hate of trees,

The EPA will close  tomorrow, 

Let’s impeach.


I wake up to the sounds of people

Mourning net neutrality

Google is their only option,

Let’s impeach.


Let’s impeach, let’s impeach the

Pussy-grabbing greedy leach.

Melania, we will soon free ya,

Let’s impeach.


Let’s impeach, let’s impeach

Our Constitution hath been breached.

Emoluments do surely matter,

Let’s impeach.


Let’s impeach, let’s impeach

Let’s impeach, I do beseech 

Founding Fathers, they are watching,

Let’s impeach.

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  1. Swifty

    Clever lyric but I thought you were going to sing it!

    Did you adopt a beautiful watercolor portrait you found on the internet? It does look like you.

  2. Mary Bowman

    This is the best rendition of “Let it Be” ever! It’s time! You are so clever!

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