Pressure To Donate From My Lawyer

Pressure to Donate from my Lawyer

Dear Robin:

OK first let me say I love your blog to the moon and back.  I found it last week and I’ve spent all my free time reading back to your first post. You are a genius, seriously.  You need a TV show or something.

I went through a contentious divorce a few years ago and I made some pretty big mistakes while I was going through it.  I can tell you what they were but I don’t want you to post that part, ok?  I did some things that were really shitty and possibly illegal.

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Why Did You Do That, Robin?

Dear Readers:

Yes, I understand this is Monday, not Friday and therefore Friday Feedback, but I can’t sit on these thoughts until the end of the week.  It’s not simply that I’m bursting to express myself like a new mother stuck in a long meeting, but also that my 45-year-old brain has been incredibly forgetful as of late.  

If I don’t write this down today I’ll lose it into the ether of middle-aged forgetfulness, where it can be reunited with my glasses, my car keys and the reason I exit my office to go downstairs every few hours, only to wonder what the hell I am doing there.

Let’s just dive right in because this is a very touchy subject (ha!) and I’d rather not pussyfoot around before forcing my views on you (double ha!).

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