My Wife Wants Me to Choose Sides in Divorce


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My wife and I are having the same general argument we always have but on a different topic.  Our main problem always seems to boil down to loyalty.  For example, this week’s fight is over her best friend’s ex-husband James, who I am friends with and have been for over 15 years.  

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Givers, Takers, and Robin’s Struggle with a Decision Tree

Dear Readers:

Today finds your Advice Goddess perplexeled (new word; please begin using immediately) over the creation of a decision tree.  

Why am I creating a decision tree?  

Because a reader sent me a question concerning loyalty and I thought it would be helpful to create a tool that would aid him in determining when he is being asked by his wife simply to be “loyal” or when his acquiescence to her wishes lands him squarely in the “Simpering Pussy Manchild” category.

More specifically, this man’s wife, under the false guise of “loyalty,” is demanding her husband stop spending time with his buddy because he divorced her best friend.

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