She Cheats, Then Freaks

She Cheats, then Freaks


My wife had an affair for several years and when I found out she told me she wants a divorce.  The marriage was not good for a long time so after I got over being cheated on, I was fine with the divorce.

I met someone and started dating and here’s what’s weird: my ex totally freaked out.  She has been verbally and physically abusive since discovering I have a girlfriend and for the life of me I can’t understand why.

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Should Stepdad Get Parenting Time? Part 2

Should Stepdad Get Parenting Time? Part 2


Jim continues to badger Brian, as does Jim’s son (who derives his income from Brian’s dad).  This sudden interest in Brian is a little odd, since Jim is suing to force Brian and his mom out of their home AND asking the court to award him, a wealthy man, attorney fees.  

Brian remains nonplussed.  This story will be updated as appropriate.

Dear Robin:

I was in a ten-year relationship and marriage with a man (“Jim”) who recently left the marriage abruptly.  

I’m not sure exactly what put the final nail in the coffin of our marriage, but the last fight we had was because I could not believe my son Brian was not invited to my stepson’s rehearsal dinner.

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Friend is Judging Me for Medicating My Son

Dear Robin:

After years of behavioral problems my 9-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication. The change in him has been remarkable and his father and I are so relieved because previously he was extremely hyper, could not focus in school, and prone to tantrums.

One of my friends from college (dropped out junior year) noted his change in behavior so I told her about his diagnosis and medication. She was appalled and ever since then has been sending me link after link about how kids are over-diagnosed and medicated for what she calls a “problem that is really just boys being boys.”

I love this gal but I am not interested in her opinion, especially since she is on about five different medications for depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, etc.

How do I tell her to bugger off without actually telling her to bugger off?

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