Friday Feedback: Mr. Patience And Understanding Gets A Letter!

Friday Feedback: Mr. Patience and Understanding Gets a Letter!

Dear Readers:

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our not-often-enough un-lubed trans-vaginal ultrasound of the blog in which we seek out cancerous cysts, terrible tumors, and fucked-up fibroids of bad writing.

Like that sentence I just wrote and you just read.  Sorry, I’m not myself today.


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Social Media Drama In The Ugly Day Of Now

Social Media Drama in the Ugly Day of Now

(Readers, please forgive formatting problems.  We are working on the problem!)

Hey Robin!

My problem started about 5 months ago. I have a hobby (I prefer not to identify it to protect my anonymity) I’ve really gotten in to over the last couple years. Like most hobbies there are plenty of Facebook groups out there for mine and the pages I was part of were full of drama.

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Friday Feedback!

Dear Readers: Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly subjection to ridicule and criticism by which we hope to learn, empathize and grow. I received an unhappy email from a reader regarding one of last week's blogs: My Husband Wants to Move…

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