Stepdaughter Tweeting Twouble.

Dear Robin,

My stepdaughter Tracy needs guidance. She is a lovely girl, a senior in college, and a bit of a late bloomer emotionally at 23.

For her senior year she has chosen to room with two members of the football team, both about twenty years old, and one of them connected through family friends growing up. The young men are both VERY serious about their education and their studies.

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Bad Relationship: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Dear Robin:

My circle of friends is very small and dear to me. We are five women who have been close since grade school and even after going away to college we all landed back in our hometown and remained close.

The group has been struggling with one woman, “Jennifer,” because she keeps going back to an abusive and unfaithful husband.

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Toxic Friends, Life Jackets, and Champagne

Dear Readers:

I have received countless letters on unequal and toxic relationships whether romantic partners, business associates, friends, or family.  

I wrote this for another publication but it was rejected for “sounding young,” amongst other issues.  What do you think?  Is it only the young (or the old and immature) who experience toxic relationships?  Please comment and share!

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