Pet Peeve: Fake Service Dogs

Dear Readers:

I hosted a blind woman at my home on Sunday for a cocktail party welcoming author Tony Ortega to Portland.  More on that in tomorrow’s blog.

A former Scientologist, Sherrie was a charming addition to the party, as was her service dog Blake.  I told her I had written an essay about fake service dogs once and she was thrilled.  If you think these dog fakers annoy me, try speaking with a bona-fide handicapped person who suffers because some people have separation anxiety from their pets and think they are above the law.

Today’s 100% organic and improved recycled words deserve your attention.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I discuss the party, cults, and terrible people.

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Friend Cancels Plans…Again.

Dear Robin:

Recently once again I found myself without dinner plans because my friend Tiffany cancelled at the last minute. As usual I made the invite, it took a while to settle on a date, and she canceled because she said her son was sick.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a photo of her on Instagram at a dinner party that same night.

I am always there when she needs me. For example, I’m a nurse and she has come to me several times for health advice for her and her family. I also was a constant shoulder to cry on during her latest divorce.

I am pissed off and hurt. Our mutual friend says this is just how she is and to let it go but I want to confront her. 

How about one of your scripts?

Long Time Reader, First Time Writer

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