Friend Cancels Plans…Again.

Dear Robin:

Recently once again I found myself without dinner plans because my friend Tiffany cancelled at the last minute. As usual I made the invite, it took a while to settle on a date, and she canceled because she said her son was sick.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a photo of her on Instagram at a dinner party that same night.

I am always there when she needs me. For example, I’m a nurse and she has come to me several times for health advice for her and her family. I also was a constant shoulder to cry on during her latest divorce.

I am pissed off and hurt. Our mutual friend says this is just how she is and to let it go but I want to confront her. 

How about one of your scripts?

Long Time Reader, First Time Writer

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Givers, Takers, and Robin’s Struggle with a Decision Tree

Dear Readers:

Today finds your Advice Goddess perplexeled (new word; please begin using immediately) over the creation of a decision tree.  

Why am I creating a decision tree?  

Because a reader sent me a question concerning loyalty and I thought it would be helpful to create a tool that would aid him in determining when he is being asked by his wife simply to be “loyal” or when his acquiescence to her wishes lands him squarely in the “Simpering Pussy Manchild” category.

More specifically, this man’s wife, under the false guise of “loyalty,” is demanding her husband stop spending time with his buddy because he divorced her best friend.

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