Sex at Work – That’s a Hard One


Longtime reader, first time writer!  I am frustrated and conflicted so please give me great advice because I need it!

In a nutshell: I want to have sex with/date my boss Ted.  We are both single and the attraction between us is undeniable and intense.

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What the Hell is Happening Here? Also, I Drink Too Much.

Dear Readers:

As I grow my blog and brand, I also must widen my appeal beyond those seeking to chortle at my snarky-yet-spot-on advice. You will begin to notice a change in the content here as I offer more opinion pieces on various topics about which I am passionate, including divorce reform, personal responsibility, self-improvement, and gender equality.

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Sick of Customers on the Phone!

Dear Robin:

I am a checker at a grocery store in Portland that abuts two expensive neighborhoods. I don’t know if that explains the phenomenon I am writing you about but it seems like pertinent information. For the most part I really enjoy my job and interacting with customers (including you!) but this issue is driving me crazy:

WTF is wrong with people who insist upon either talking on or in other ways using their phone when they are paying for groceries? Not only does it slow down the entire transaction because they are completely distracted, but it is insulting to me personally. I feel ignored and invisible while I am simultaneously charged with giving them a good customer service experience.

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Should I Change Jobs?

Dear Robin:

I have been looking to make a move from my company where I’ve been for three years because even though I like my job and co-workers, there isn’t much opportunity for growth. I have interviewed twice for a fairly high-level position at another organization and they are bringing me back in on Friday and I think they are going to offer me the job. It’s MUCH more money, more responsibility and a much larger company.

So why am I writing you? This company has a bad reputation. The turnover rate is high and they are known in the business for being a tough place to work, to put it lightly. Their product is also low-performing and somewhat mocked in the industry. The man who would be my boss seems cool but the overall reputation of the company is pretty bad.

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