Unhappy Bride (or someone is trolling me)

Dear Robin:

I am 27 years old independent woman. I am from Russia, but I have been living alone in US for the last 5 years. I got married in city hall 3 weeks ago to the person whom I love 5 months after meeting.

My husband (42) is a business owner and right now his financial situation is not the best.  He can not support me at all, it makes me even more sad knowing that he used to buy expensive gifts and clothes for all his exes, but nothing for me. It makes me feel less important or less beautiful than others.  

He gets mad when I tell him about that. We fight a lot because of his financial situation.

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Income Disparity Makes Me Uncomfortable

Dear Robin:

My boyfriend and I have been together for just under a year.  We live together and share housing costs equally.  After a few months of dating he moved into my apartment but he is in the process of buying a house and he wants my child and I to move with him.  Neither of us want more children or care particularly about remarriage.


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I Don’t Want a Big Gay Wedding!

Hi Robin!

My partner and I are discussing getting married. I would like to have a City Hall wedding and save the tens of thousands we would spend, but my husband wants to have a traditional wedding. Even a modest wedding here in California would cost tens of thousands of dollars and require all of our friends to travel here to Palm Springs from the East Coast.

We recently purchased a home, and we are both entrepreneurs who are building our businesses. We are not wealthy by any means, and I can think of so many other uses for that wedding money.

I don’t want to insult my partner or hurt his feelings by suggesting that we forego a wedding, but I just think that there are better uses for the money, and living with less debt would add to our quality of life. How should I raise this issue without hurting my dear partner’s feelings?

I don’t want him to think that my reluctance to get sucked into an expensive wedding is a sign I don’t value our future union, because that is the furthest thing from the truth.


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Should I Change Jobs?

Dear Robin:

I have been looking to make a move from my company where I’ve been for three years because even though I like my job and co-workers, there isn’t much opportunity for growth. I have interviewed twice for a fairly high-level position at another organization and they are bringing me back in on Friday and I think they are going to offer me the job. It’s MUCH more money, more responsibility and a much larger company.

So why am I writing you? This company has a bad reputation. The turnover rate is high and they are known in the business for being a tough place to work, to put it lightly. Their product is also low-performing and somewhat mocked in the industry. The man who would be my boss seems cool but the overall reputation of the company is pretty bad.

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