Is Everyone Having Sex with Their Boss?

Dear Readers:

It’s hard to believe but I received yet another email from an advice-seeker who is sleeping with the boss.  Not surprisingly, it’s a woman.


Of all the letters I’ve received on this subject, and there have been dozens, I have yet to hear from a man who is sleeping with his boss.  

If any of you men out there are giving your superior a little taste of your bologna pony at lunch or otherwise, please email me.  Please.

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Dear Robin:

My mother is extremely difficult for me to be around and has never been maternal, loving or supportive.  She has never complimented me or acknowledged any of my accomplishments.

She will fly into a rage about nothing, then five minutes later, it’s like it never happened. It has taken me years to realize what a messed up situation she creates and I’ve had enough as she’s 70 and not going to change.

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