Pressure To Donate From My Lawyer

Pressure to Donate from my Lawyer

Dear Robin:

OK first let me say I love your blog to the moon and back.  I found it last week and I’ve spent all my free time reading back to your first post. You are a genius, seriously.  You need a TV show or something.

I went through a contentious divorce a few years ago and I made some pretty big mistakes while I was going through it.  I can tell you what they were but I don’t want you to post that part, ok?  I did some things that were really shitty and possibly illegal.

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Anatomy Of A Disaster Is Going On Hiatus

Anatomy of a Disaster is Going on Hiatus

Dear Readers:

I am deeply appreciative of your support of the Anatomy of a Disaster Series.

Not only is this the most popular and widely-commented upon work I’ve done so far, it has convinced me that this particular style of writing is something I should do more of: the narrative true story with a personal touch and a healthy dose of laughter too.

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