Vegas Divorce Party: I Don’t Want to Go!

Dear Robin:

My girlfriend Angie is throwing herself a “Divorce Party” and making a really big deal out of it. She wants to travel to Vegas and make it like a batchelorette party with ten women, except celebrating her divorce.

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What the Hell is Happening Here? Also, I Drink Too Much.

Dear Readers:

As I grow my blog and brand, I also must widen my appeal beyond those seeking to chortle at my snarky-yet-spot-on advice. You will begin to notice a change in the content here as I offer more opinion pieces on various topics about which I am passionate, including divorce reform, personal responsibility, self-improvement, and gender equality.

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Darla’s Dating Divorcing Dad

Hi Robin, I've recently gotten to know a man "Ted" who is divorcing and I've found myself today doing some thinking about his situation on his behalf. Ted has been separated six or seven months. He left the marital home even though his…

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