Shopaholic Wife – Help!

Dear Robin:

My wife and I have had the same fight for years and I am becoming very resentful of her because nothing ever changes. In a nutshell, my wife is a “shopaholic.” She seems to be unable to stop spending money and it is often on really stupid things.

For example, when I left for work this morning she was outside decorating the front door and yard with the 100s of Halloween items she has purchased over the years. Don’t even get me started on her obsession with Christmas crap and expensive antiques which just go into the basement or garage because our house is already full.

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Friday Feedback: Now We’re Cooking!

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly endoscopy examining the digestive tract of this blog with the long, flexible tube of reader critique.  I’ll try not to gag; will you do the same?

I received a lot of heat over my response to Is My Marriage Dead or In a Coma? but this is my personal favorite:

Woman on husband #2 giving advice to woman married with two young children that her marriage is dead.  The Christian conservatives say gays are destroying the sanctity of marriage but you are a far bigger threat to the institution than the homosexual agenda.  The blood of this family is on your hands if they get divorced.

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