Unhappy Bride (or someone is trolling me)

Dear Robin:

I am 27 years old independent woman. I am from Russia, but I have been living alone in US for the last 5 years. I got married in city hall 3 weeks ago to the person whom I love 5 months after meeting.

My husband (42) is a business owner and right now his financial situation is not the best.  He can not support me at all, it makes me even more sad knowing that he used to buy expensive gifts and clothes for all his exes, but nothing for me. It makes me feel less important or less beautiful than others.  

He gets mad when I tell him about that. We fight a lot because of his financial situation.

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Best Friend Engaged to a Creep

Dear Robin: My best friend from college ("Kim") divorced a year ago after a ten-year marriage (he left for someone else) and right away started dating someone else ("Chuck") she met online.  None of her friends can stand this man:…

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Dad’s Estate at Risk

Dear Robin: My father is 70 years old and lost my mom to cancer 6 years ago.  He started dating a younger woman about a year ago and she is moving into his home next month.  I think they are…

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